Darren King

Performed by Darren King

MUTEMATH's drummer, Darren King is one the most passionate and talented drummers in music and the only thing more brilliant than his playing is his unique approach to capturing his sound.

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I remember the first time I multi-tracked in a studio. The adrenalin was flowing after doing a bunch of takes and I walked into the control room and was just stunned by how lame the drums sounded. That was the moment I realized that you don’t just put mics on drums, record them . . … Continued

Darren King



Demo A

Darren King0:45

Demo B

Darren King0:38

Tech Specs

  • Samples

    3800 + total one shot and multiple velocity samples, 7 kicks, 9 snares, 2 toms, 2 cymbals, 8 hat variations — each set of samples comes in 5 mix options: dry, natural, big, overheads, and 2 rooms.

  • Loops

    315 individual loops in .rex and .wav, tempos ranging from 80 – 144 bpm, variety of grooves and feels.

  • Presets

    Ableton’s Drum Rack, Reason’s Refill, NI’s Maschine 2 and Battery 4, Logic Pro’s EXS24 Sampler and Slate Digital’s Trigger 2.

    For help installing presets, please visit our Help Center.

The Iconic Signature Sound of Darren King

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