By Paul Mabury & Dustin Burnett

Real stomps. Real claps. Wall hits. Chain drops. Organic has consistently been our most popular library since it's release in 2014. No other library has logged the miles this guy has. Bring the human dynamic just a little closer with Organic.

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The Organic library is helping define the sound of this album. Its natural sounds combined with the band’s instruments make it easy to take the basic tracks and make them larger than life.

Nick Brophy

Producer | Mixer

Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne

Demo A


Demo B


Demo C


Demo D


Tech Specs

  • Samples

    800 + individual one-shot and multiple velocity samples, 29 bangs and hits, 11 booms, 70 claps in big + small spaces, 40 studio and living room kick in 6 variations, 186 warehouse kicks in 4 variations, 13 reverses, 23 rims + clicks, 24 slaps, 41 snaps in big + small spaces,  264 snares in 4 variations, 45 stomps in big + small spaces, 18 swells, 40 toms in 3 variations, 12 toys

  • Loops

    nearly 400 loops in multiple variations, tempos ranging from 72 – 124 bpms, variety of grooves and feels

  • Presets

    Ableton’s Drum Rack, Reason’s Refill, NI’s Maschine 2 and Battery 4, Logic Pro’s EXS24 Sampler and Slate Digital’s Trigger 2.

    For help installing presets, please visit our Help Center.

Nothing replaces the human dynamic.

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