Paul Mabury

Performed by Paul Mabury

A collection of Paul’s favorite drums, tuned in his style, and recorded at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, TN. A little rough around the edges, but perfect within a song.

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Since I came across That Sound, their samples have been making their way into all of my work. Simply put, they sound huge, powerful and professional right out of the box and into the mix. When I’m trying to get a vibe in a writing session, or building a great foundation in a production, I … Continued

Jarrett Holmes


Walk The Moons, Neon Trees

Demo A

Paul Mabury0:34

Demo B

Paul Mabury0:30

Demo C

Paul Mabury0:23

Tech Specs

  • Samples

    890 multiple velocity samples, 126 kicks in 7 variations, 488 snares in 12 variations, 10 rim clicks, 120 toms in 2 variations, 5 vocal samples, 13 destroyed samples, 60 hats in 2 variations, 46 cymbals in 5 variations

  • Presets

    Slate Digital’s Trigger 2.

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The Signature Sound of Paul Mabury

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