By Dustin Burnett

You wouldn't build your house on a poor foundation, would you? Exactly. The Elements library is the ideal set of building blocks — full of the most fundamental sounds necessary to top the charts in today's music.

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The Elements library gives every producer the tools they need to create amazing tracks and huge hit songs!

Mitch Allen

Producer | Songwriter

Jason Derulo, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato

Demo A


Demo B


Demo C


Demo D


Tech Specs

  • Samples

    550 +  individual one shot samples, 163 kicks in 4 variations, 142 snares in 7 variations, 71 claps + flams, 52 hats + cymbals, 21 toms in 3 variations, 8 fx, 30 whips, 21 vocals, 12 swells, 30 booms, 22 reverses, 10 percs + bangs

  • Loops

    400 + top loops in .rex and .wav formats, tempos from 80 — 130 bpms,

  • Presets

    Ableton’s Drum Rack, Reason’s Refill, NI’s Maschine 2 and Battery 4, and Logic Pro’s EXS24 Sampler

    For help installing presets, please visit our Help Center.

The Foundationals. The Essentials. The Elements.

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