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Dustin Burnett

Co-founder / Sound Designer

During my time in Nashville, TN as a producer and songwriter, I met Paul Mabury and we started That Sound back in 2014. I manage the day to day operations of the company, and I’m also the Lead Sound Designer — having designed or worked on sounds for 13 of the available 16 That Sound libraries.

Paul Mabury

Co-founder / Drummer

At That Sound, I represent “the drummer.” Since moving to Nashville in 2007, I’ve worked as a session drummer, producer and songwriter.
These opportunities brought me and Dustin together and in 2014, after becoming frustrated with never finding adequate drum samples for the projects we were working on, we started That Sound. You’ll find my imprint on my personal library, 1985, and Organic. Alongside playing, I developed the standards for our Icon libraries and help cast the vision for the company’s future.

Geoff Duncan

Sound Designer / Preset Team Leader

I run a talented team of preset developers for That Sound, creating the presets which enable us all to use TS samples in our DAWs more effectively. I’m also responsible for Tech Support questions – so chances are, if you’re having issues with your DAW or Sampler, it’ll be me that you’re speaking with. Additionally I’m one of our Sound Designers. I designed the Cinematic Pop library and worked on sounds for the 1993 library as well. When I’m not working on That Sound, I’m a busy songwriter and producer based in Franklin, TN. I also love Science Fiction movies and my wife’s cooking.

Kyle Hicks

Marketing Director / Brand Manager

Initially, my main focus was marketing and communications, but since joining the team, I’ve become a bit of a “renaissance man”. In addition to developing marketing strategies for That Sound, I handle our outward communication (That Sound emails, social media presence, etc), supervise our brand initiatives, manage our web design and web copy, and oversee our Help Center experience. When I’m not doing these things, you can find me either playing drums at a small venue in Nashville or trying to keep up with my 2 year old son, Luke Zion. Also, I have a beautiful wife named Charity, I love basketball, and I’m a sneakerhead.